COVID-19 – Working Safely in the Office

Many businesses are now looking at ways in which they can safely re-open and return to their workplaces as lockdown is eased.

Employers that want to reopen their business have a legal responsibility to protect their employees and other people on site.

ITD UK is hosting a webinar discussing the Government requirements regarding these elements, and what ITD UK can carry out for you to assist in this process.

Government Advice on Working Safely

Use the guidance to help carry out a risk assessment and so you can aware of any required changes you may need to put in place prior to staff and/or visitors going to the office.

A risk assessment MUST be carried out or you may be issued with an enforcement notice by either the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or your local council.

The Government has produced 14 guides which cater for different type of workplaces. For some businesses more than one guide may needed to be used to cover for all scenarios of the way employees, visitors and suppliers can operate safely.

This is guidance for your employees, so that they can take an informed decision if they are safe to return to work, for example if there is an instance of someone in their household have symptoms then they should not return to the workplace.

We all wish for life, both work and social, to return to “normal” as early as is possible in a way which does not cause further disruption to your businesses or affect the health of your employees or clients.

By using the above guidance, we hope that this helps provide you with all the information you need in transitioning back to your workplaces.

ITD UK Services

ITD UK engineers can perform a pre-check of your office infrastructure before your staff return to the office. This will ensure that all your IT systems are ready, after some may have not been used for several months.

This would include ensuring:


Depending upon when you are planning to re-open, if you already have an RSV scheduled in the meantime, we can perform these additional checks whilst we are already on-site, to limit the number of on-site visits required. We can review with you which services you wish to be pre-checked, to provide you with an estimate of additional hours required.

Any site visits arranged our staff will be following all COVID-19 guidance on PPE, to ensure we keep both yourself and our engineers safe.

If you are interested in attending this webinar, please contact or call 07584 502556.


Webinar Schedule:

Wednesday, 9th September – start time: 11am

Wednesday, 16th September – start time: 11am

Wednesday, 23rd September – start time: 11am

Webinar takes around 45 minutes, with time for Q&A.


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