The Cloud

Cloud services are a secure, scalable way to run your IT provision, whether your organisation is expanding, contracting or changing focus. Cloud services are flexible and easily tailored to your needs.


With the emergence of Cloud computing, it is an affordable decision to migrate your server infrastructure into the Cloud.

Digital transformation for small and medium-sized business in London

Cloud Computing is fast becoming the best solution to server infrastructure. It is particularly good for smaller organisations, as it lets them use services and infrastructure comparable to the largest firms. The Cloud is flexible, so it lets you to scale up or down with ease. If your firm has a traditional server model, the huge investment in hardware and physical space might cause you to think twice before expanding. With the Cloud, you can simply add to your service as required.

Increasingly, the Cloud is becoming a business standard. ITD advise all of our clients to start their transformation to a Cloud-based business as soon as it is appropriate. Because of its flexibility and the ease with which updates can be rolled out to users, many business solutions are moving to a Cloud-only model.

Why ITD?

Based in Central London, ITD is a team of experienced IT experts. We can provide advice and guidance on exceptional Cloud solutions from leading providers such as Microsoft, VMware, and Google. We can assist you in selecting the best solution for your current and future business needs. Our team can can also perform the data migration at a time convenient to you.

We focus on small and medium-sized businesses exclusively in the London area. As a result, we know the challenges facing our clients and we know how to respond. We have a wealth of experience of IT support and consultancy across a number of industries. Our team have carried out Cloud migrations for many of our clients.

Impartial, expert advice

ITD are always looking at new technologies in order to compare and analyse against leading Cloud suppliers. We do not have an association with any particular supplier or vendor. Therefore, our recommendations are led by our experience and your requirements. We might have a shortlist to hand, based on our work with clients in similar circumstances. However, we are more than happy to go back to the drawing board. We will carry out an in-depth search for the perfect solution for your firm’s requirements.

Ongoing support

The Cloud can be significantly easier to manage than a traditional server infrastructure model. However, many of our clients request ongoing support following ITD’s implementation of the Cloud for their business. ITD’s engineers are able to provide our support service in the Cloud. In fact, following successful migration and implementation projects, many of our clients are already working exclusively in the Cloud.

Interested in moving to the Cloud? Why not Contact Us, email our sales team or call our London office on 020 7648 4866 for a discussion about how the Cloud could improve your firm’s prospects.

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