Continuity Planning

ITD can help you to review and monitor your business continuity and disaster recovery plans, ensuring that they are fit for purpose and that they remain effective.

Are you prepared for disaster?

Ensuring that you can stay in business in the event of a disaster is essential. Most firms rely heavily on IT to maintain their daily activities, especially in London where connectivity is strong. Continuity planning is designed to help you recover your operational effectiveness as soon as possible after an incident. With robust continuity planning in place, your business can also avoid disaster scenarios in the first place. 

Planning for recovery

Investing in continuity planning is just good business sense. You need to know that your business can recover quickly from disaster. It’s not just for your own peace of mind: clients may ask to see your disaster recovery plan before entrusting you with their business. ITD will work with you to develop a resilient business continuity plan that works for your business and your priorities. The object is for you to resume normal business as soon as possible after an emergency, with minimum expense and minimum loss of data.

The formal continuity plan will set out all of the potential disaster scenarios affecting your IT systems and networks. For each of these, we will also give detailed instructions on the actions you will need to take to preserve and recover your business.

Our approach

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