Case Study

Server Infrastructure

Our client, a property and asset management firm, had a number of different systems and applications installed over a six physical servers. With ITD consultancy the client was able to reduce this down to two physical servers using Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation technology.


With six physical servers running multiple systems for different business purposes, the challenge for ITD was plan and execute a server upgrade plan to migrate these systems to three new virtual machines running Windows Server alongside consolidating server functions. For example, File and Print services, Active Directory and Anti-Virus management onto one virtual machine.

The consolidation process carried out by ITD meant that six physical servers where reduced to three virtual machines running on two physical servers.

We were required to upgrade and setup Windows Server 2012, Windows SQL 2014, and Microsoft Remote Desktop (RemoteApp) and implement an online backup solution.


After understanding the client’s IT systems business requirements, ITD were able to write an upgrade and consolidation plan for the new server environment with the help of the RSV document carried out by ITD engineers. The RSV document allowed us to view each server’s roles and functions and subsequently plan the consolidation down to three virtual machines.

With careful planning ITD then devised a project plan that had to be manged in stages in order for a smooth transition to the new system. This included managing third party application vendors and timescales around installation of third party applications on the new servers.

Using the plans allowed ITD to meet deadlines and complete a smooth transition to the new servers.

“The reduction of servers onsite has given us huge cost-savings on our IT expenditure”


The client managed to reduce their server running costs and have simplified the server infrastructure by only running two physical servers. ITD have also improved remote worker’s ability to access business applications from home or remote offices with the introduction of Microsoft Remote Desktop.

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