Why Your Business Can’t Ignore the Need for a Password Manager

Despite the increasing use of alternative authentication methods, passwords are still the key to most business data. Given the potential problems with passwords – what does good practice looks like and how can EPM (Enterprise Password Management) systems help?

Despite the increased use of two-factor authentication, single sign-on, and biometrics, passwords are still the most common form of authentication. In the first analyst report on Enterprise Password Management (EPM), Forrester acknowledged the password problem and the risks that they present to businesses.

In this, we will look at why employees still use weak passwords despite knowing the risks and provide guidance for security and IT professionals on keeping password costs and risks under control, without losing employee buy-in.

We consider:

  1. How businesses can mitigate poor password behaviour?
  2. How to quantify password costs to justify investment in an EPM solution?
  3. What to look for in an EPM solution, including Forrester’s guidance for selecting a vendor.

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