Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery – Am I really ready?

Most organisations include DR plans and testing as part of their governance, but what happens when it’s time to invoke; are we really prepared? Do our plans and testing regimes really mean we are ready? Have we really thought about conflicting scenarios, e.g. instant data replication implies instant data corruption?

The ideas of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are not new ones.

Historically, Business Continuity has been focused on IT Disaster Recovery; alternate sites, standby copy of systems. Typically reduced availability and capacity

Active-Passive – Active site backed up by a passive site, that had to be tested regularly

The focus now is on Business Continuity, as we migrate to cloud services

Business wide, with IT ‘always on’, and up to date: Active-Active. Key requirement for Digital. Working from different locations (Office Recovery, remote working, mobility). Improving backup/restore and resilience so less need to invoke IT Disaster Recovery Challenges relate to conflicting scenarios, e.g. instant data replication implies instant data corruption?

Significant improvement to application availability System and application resilience greatly improved Data loss (RPO) and Recovery Time (RTO) are expected to be significantly reduced ROI – Improved utilisation of in-place technologies. Failover process simplified (testing and actual). Reduction of risk associated to Disaster Recovery testing and invocation

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