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GDPR: Two Months and Counting

It seems that everybody is talking about what GDPR means for them, but with 2 months to go before GDPR becomes a legal requirement we consider – what are the ‘need-to-knows’.

Why Your Business Can’t Ignore the Need for a Password Manager

Despite the increasing use of alternative authentication methods, passwords are still the key to most business data. Given the potential problems with passwords – what does good practice looks like and how can EPM (Enterprise Password Management) systems help?

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery – Am I really ready?

The ideas of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are not new ones. Historically, Business Continuity has been focused on IT Disaster Recovery; alternate sites, standby copy of systems. Typically reduced availability and capacity Active-Passive – Active site backed up by a passive site, that had to be tested regularly The focus now is on Business […]

Cloud Computing – What’s in it for me?

Cloud Computing and it associated terms have become the Jargon of online computing. Although the terms sound new the principles are not, so with so many terms and providers out there offering such an array of services and price models how do you tap into the benefits without falling into the traps?